My name is Adrian van der Lee and I am a travel, adventure and MTB photographer based in Dublin, Ireland. 

Adrien van der LeeOn this site you’ll find a collection of my photos and essays from my travels to interesting places in remote parts of the globe. I am no political animal, so there’s no agenda, no propaganda and no fake news… just life as I find it.

When I’m not travelling I most likely up the mountains somewhere on my bike – so there will also be some MTB related posts about events I photograph, some of my favourite trails and my experience with various bits of MTB related kit. See my MTB site to browse event photography.

I hope you find something that interests here and if you like the look of any of my photos, please check out the Shop section where you can order framed or unframed prints – let me know what you think of this website, leave a comment, send me a message or just share with your friends.

Thanks for stopping by and happy travelling,

– Adrian van der Lee