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The Wrong Shape

03/10/2018 0 MTB

Lungs burning, legs screaming, sweat pouring – kind of sums up most of my early MTB days – trying desperately to keep up with my club mates – it didn’t work. The Saturday spin leader, who’s frustration with my pace was about to bubble over, once said “why don’t you wait here, we’ll be back in 20 mins.” A hour later they returned in time to roll down to the car park.

In fairness they were all a bit hard-core, but even on the much peer-pressured ‘no one gets dropped social spins’, they were gone on the first climb and never looked back – the frustration, the anger!

Moral Panic (and a bit of a review of the Focus Sam2 Pro eMTB).

03/10/2018 0 MTB

When I’m out shooting MTB events not only do I need to haul myself around the mountains chasing riders, I also need to carry around 20kg of expensive camera gear which is hard work on a conventional mountain bike.

For a couple of seasons I dabbled with off-road motorbikes. The first of which was a 125cc pit-bike which was a great giggle – I looked absolutely ridiculous on it, but who cares.